21 Things I’ve Learned in 21 Years

Recently I was reading this Tumblr blog I had in high school. It had a fair amount of followers, enough to the point where I thought I could give advice, I suppose, because I had this post called “17 things I’ve learned in 17 years.” It was ridiculously fun to look back at my priorities as a 17-year-old (they’re mainly about being emo with relationships, or school, or confidence, or just emo in general).

It used to be a trend on YouTube, might still be, and I do love the idea of it. So here I am, four years later, doing it again.

Being a fan of the Ottawa Senators

I was not an athletic child. Sure, I dabbled in tennis, soccer, and badminton, but never seriously, and my use of the word ‘dabbling’ here means ‘played once in a while just to mention in this post.’ Naturally, I got older and more sedentary, which meant that my minimal interest in sports was over out of elementary school… until my senior year of high school.

Why I love writing

It didn’t escape my notice that I’ve been writing this blog for about a month now, and I’m still really enjoying it! Sometimes it’s hard to get a creative idea, but those who pursue creative endeavours know that it’s not always about having inspiration strike, but the discipline to be consistent even when you don’t have a good idea.

I wanted to write something feel-good today, so I thought I’d write about why I love writing so much.