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Five Things: April 17th 2021

Well, hello friends, and welcome to another Saturday and another Five Things! I hope you had a good week. Mine was fairly up and down, with an interesting pattern of good-bad-good-bad, but even the bad weren’t that bad when I zoom out. So all things considered, I’m feeling lucky and grateful, and here’s why!

1. Moving my body and sleeping well

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but the past week I’ve made a real effort to move my body. Not work out. Not exercise. Just move my body, and do it outside. That’s translated to me going for walks or runs, which I have managed to do almost every day (I missed one day). Not only have I loved feeling like I’m doing something good for my body and getting stronger, but I’m also enjoying being outside. The fresh air combined with the physical activity has been doing wonders for my mental health.

Additionally, I decided to make a real effort to sleep 8 hours every night this week (again, I missed one day). Instead of having unrealistic expectations of sleeping at 10 and waking up at 6, I’m trying to scale it back down bit by bit. I’ve found it easier to do because I’m tired from my workouts, and it’s also so nice to feel well rested when I wake up in the morning. Sure, I’m tired when I’m bored, but when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I got good sleep. I’ve really been enjoying it. We’re working on sleeping at 11 and waking up at 7 for now, I think.

2. To do lists

This was a habit I decided to try and implement this week, and unlike the two previous ones, I didn’t miss a day! I faff about a lot with researching the best ways to organise my life, which is silly because that’s just… planning, researching, not actually doing the thing. I’ve tried numerous agendas, bullet journals, apps. But I think I’ve found something that works for me, and I’m thrilled about it. Even though this week wasn’t the most productive week ever, I was still pretty productive every day, which I count as a big win.

This is my new system: plan my week vaguely with appointments and stuff I want to get done on a particular day using Notion. I really like the click and drag function of the different blocks on Notion that makes it easy to move things around. Using that, I make a to do list in my Notes app on my iPhone. Yep! Not a notebook. Not a fancy app. Using Notes. I’ve found it to be very effective so far, especially because I always have my phone on me. I rarely get everything done, but perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to get work done.

3. Planning for fun

Now that The Bachelor is over, I’m having to put stuff in my calendar by myself to have fun. (I know The Bachelor ended a while ago.) Which is fine, I’m up for the challenge! This week I’ve begun watching The Hills reaction videos by Whitney Port with my sister. Although we could binge-watch The Hills since it did end over 10 years ago, Whitney only posts reaction videos twice a week. I really like the predictability of having something fun to look forward to that I can’t do in advance and spoil it.

Similarly, I have begun to have weekly nail nights with one friend, and weekly walks with another (though who knows how long those will last for). As for independent fun, I’ve booked the hour before I sleep and the half hour when I wake up to do whatever I want, and I’ve been savouring it. I genuinely look forward to those all day.

4. Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne’s debut novel The Hating Game riveted the (chick lit) world in a way few debut books do. The film adaptation is all filmed and ready to go, with Lucy Hale starring as the main character named… Lucy, heh. I thoroughly enjoyed The Hating Game, but her second novel, 99 Percent Mine, less so. Though I admired her for writing very different novels, my smaller enjoyment of her second book made me unsure of what to expect from her latest novel.

Let me say it was absolutely delightful, and I probably related to this main character out of all three of them. Ruthie was introverted and had gotten stuck in life without really knowing how she had gotten there. Teddy was irresistibly charming with his inability to be quiet and he disarmed me with his sincere compliments. I adored the hijinks involved with the sidekick Melanie, who was so sweet and loyal, and the two elderly sisters who ended up having the sweetest ending (I gasped out loud at the prom scene). It had the most wonderful quirks that makes a chick lit fun, with a great cast of characters to boot. My small complaint is that the ending was very rushed, but we got a happy ending, so you won’t hear me complaining. I am solidly back on the Sally Thorne train now.

5. Letting go

This is fully 100% inspired by my friend who has a very whatever attitude that I admire. That’s a bad description, but basically when she gets upset about something, or something doesn’t go her way, she’s upset, but then she bounces back so fast. She just says “whatever” and moves on. For someone who really likes to cling onto things, that’s something that I could learn about!

I’m learning that psychologically it must have to do with my need for control, but we don’t have to dive into that. Instead we’re learning to let go. I’ve had mild moments of irritation, panic, and sadness when things are, well, not going my way, but I’ve been able to stop myself, re-group, and focus on what I can and can’t control. The stuff that I can’t control? I’m learning to let go. It’s not a habit that comes easily, but hopefully as I foster it, it can get stronger.

This has been a long post mostly about habits, but honestly there hasn’t been too much else going on lately! I thought about mentioning the dreaded C-word but it’s just utterly draining whenever I think about it. See? I’m learning to let go.

x B

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