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Five Things: April 5th, 2021

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Well, hello friends. It has been a while.

In the craziness that is midterm period, I neglected my blog for a while 🙁 But fear not, I am back, and I feel ready to write my little fingers away after my break! While I was gone, I thought of some topics I wanted to write about, as well as my ‘vision’ for this blog, and as a result I am very excited to continue posting on this blog.

Originally I was going to write about the past two weeks but I honestly don’t remember what happened because my memory is that bad, so it’ll be five things for the past two weeks. Hey, it can’t have been that important if I don’t remember it two weeks later.

1. I got vaccinated!

I feel very lucky to have been vaccinated two weeks ago now–partially because there was a glitch that let me get it so early. I would feel bad about it, except it wasn’t my fault, and I read somewhere that you shouldn’t feel guilty if you have the chance to get the vaccine. There are guidelines set in place for people to be prioritized for vaccinations, and if you have the opportunity, to get it so that the pandemic can finally, finally end.

Just for curiosity’s sake, I got the Pfizer vaccine, and found the side effects to be more severe than any other vaccine I’ve had, but overall still very mild. I’ve never really had side effects with other vaccines apart from soreness at the site of injection, but this time around I was fatigued and had some muscle chills. Regardless, it was really nothing, and it was gone within the day.

2. I wrote a midterm

Let’s just say it was not the best midterm performance I have ever had or will ever have. Let’s just leave it at that.

3. I had a quick Starbucks infatuation

My friend recommended me the Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso, which is a mouthful and I had to Google it to write the name down. I was feeling like having an expensive caffeinated drink one day and I got it, and it was delightful. I promptly proceeded to have four of them over four days, which is not cheap. In my defence, I wasn’t sleeping a lot because it was the days leading up to my midterm, and I needed a little something to perk me up.

Still, four Starbucks drinks in four days is ridiculous, so I have halted that habit post-midterm and resolved to have it once a week at most. Except… I got one today, and it was only okay. Maybe it was the adrenaline of a midterm that boosted my love for Starbucks. Anyway, it was fun. I felt like I understood the Starbucks craze for a second.

4. Having a real books moment

I’m undecided about whether or not to write a full blog post about books, but I figured I’d shove it in here anyway. This is partially inspired by my Year of Yes (the first monthly update will be my next post), but what I’ve been delighted to find is that expanding my horizons and trying new things isn’t the waste of time I thought it would be. No, I didn’t think it would be a waste of time, but I didn’t think I’d really like new things. I’m very comfortable in my comfort zone. I could stay there for years, and I do (I still listen to songs I listened to in high school).

I’ve had this epiphany regarding music, but now it’s more about books, and I am just utterly reminded of how much I love stories. They’re so… intoxicating. I think about them for hours after they’re over because characters feel alive to me. Additionally, I’m learning about new things and I LOVE learning.

I want to start writing and posting little book not-reviews, because reviews are a very focused and specific piece of work. Something more akin to a commentary like I did in high school, where you’re not trying to argue a point like an essay, or remark on the effectiveness of a piece, but instead pointing out things that you thought were noteworthy. I’ll think about it with the next book I read.

5. Making small wins

I might also expand on this in a later post, but I’ve been relatively happy this semester compared to last. There are a lot of factors that could play into this, but I truly believe that a big component is me trying to be happier. The easy thing to do, at least for me, is always curl into a ball and ignore all my responsibilities. But I’ve been fighting that instinct more this year, by reminding myself of what’s good, by listening to uplifting music, by showering, by exercising more consistently, by doing work as a distraction, by talking to my family, by not being resistant to being pulled out of my funk.

I don’t want to discount the way weather plays into this, because I love spring more than any other season and the longer days are my favourite thing in the world, but I just feel like I’m at a point in my life right now where I’m doing good. I feel good. Thank you. I’m very happy about it.

How have you guys been? I didn’t even mention happy April! I hope April is a wonderful month for us all.

x B

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