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Five Things: February 27th 2021

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Hello everyone! I think I’m slowly getting into the swing of things with running this blog, and with that comes a great amount of joy. Sitting down to write this post felt extremely comfortable, like we’re just having a little chat about life over a cup of tea or something.

It’s been an interesting week of ups and downs… but at least it wasn’t boring, I suppose. Keeps you on your toes.

1. Got a summer job


It feels weird to talk about good news like this because it feels a bit like bragging and I do like to keep things private, but it is something big that happened in my life this week. As I’ve mentioned before, the process was not very fun, but there were bright spots along the way.

One in particular that stuck out with me is receiving a lovely, lovely reference from my supervisor. Her acknowledgement of my effort felt extremely validating and reassured me that I was doing all the right things. I’ve found that the further you get in life, it can be difficult to assess how you’re doing, so it’s always nice to get recognition from someone who’s further along the path than you.

2. Had a brutal headache

I don’t want to write about this because I’m sick of talking about it and everyone’s sick of listening to me about it, but I’ve been battling a headache on and off since the 13th. It’s been extremely irritating and I don’t know why it’s there, but after missing a not unsignificant amount of class because of it, I am finally giving in and calling my family doctor about it.

Unfortunately my appointment isn’t until next next week, but fingers crossed something can be figured out about it.

3. A simple bus ride

Much has been lost in the pandemic, and I am fortunate enough to be relatively unscathed. Still, life has changed for everyone, and I am definitely beginning to seriously miss simple things that existed before the pandemic. This may be because I see a light at the end of the tunnel, with vaccines being rolled out and warmer weather coming–maybe I’m letting my mental guard down.

Regardless, I took the bus from where I volunteer to school this week, and I found it to be lovely. One of the things I miss about high school is the commute, even though I know most people hate it. For me it was a time to sleep, listen to music, text my friends, and go on the Internet without feeling guilty. It’s something small, but I’m grateful for those things now.

4. The Senators were perfect*

*As of time of writing, the Senators hadn’t played their final game of the week against the Calgary Flames.

It has been a sad struggle to be a fan of the Ottawa Senators for the past three years–the exact time I’ve been a fan (for context, I joined at the 2017 playoffs… that’ll tell you everything). Regardless, I’ve stuck through the hard and very painful parts of this rebuild, and now it kind of seems like… things are looking good? Are we beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Hockey is one of the funniest things that can have an effect on my mood. When my team is doing well, it really makes me a lot happier. Game nights are something I can look forward to multiple times a week. I feel connected to a group of strangers who care about this sport. It’s brought me a lot of pain but a lot of joy too, and isn’t that what we sign up for when we become a sports fan?

5. The Year of Yes

What a truly spontaneous turn of events. I’m someone who’s prided herself on having the same core personality throughout my life, mainly because I’m afraid of change. If change is happening externally, then the best I can do is keep it constant internally.

However, now things are different. I feel internally motivated to change, and as a result I’m poised and ready to start my Year of Yes on Monday, March 1st. I’ve begun writing my list of rules and the things I want to do during my year. It’s honestly terrifying, but I’m excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and see how I grow.

It’s apparently March in two days, which is wild because where is the time going, and terrifying because well… we all know what happened last March. Still, the days seem to be getting brighter, and I hope that we kick off the first week of March with a bang!

x B

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