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Five Things: March 6th 2021

Happy Saturday! It’s time for another Five Things, which always makes me happy.

It was a good week of getting my life together. I started studying seriously again and worked out. Those are two massive wins in my opinion!

1. Passed midterm #1

My study methods have changed since last semester (hint: I’m studying more now) and it was extremely gratifying to feel confident walking into the exam, leaving the exam, as well as when checking my score.

The good thing about medical school is that it only requires you to pass. At the same time, it’s difficult to suddenly be okay with getting lower marks and letting go of a life-long mentality of needing good grades. Though I can certainly pass while feeling uncertain and anxious, I’d rather pass feeling confident, and I’m glad that I’ve figured out a system that works for me.

Midterm #2 is a few short weeks away, so we’re looking onward now!

2. The beginning of spring

I’m tentatively writing this, because any Canadian knows that false springs are possible, but it definitely feels like winter is retreating and spring is coming. I very much welcome the longer and sunnier days, with milder weather. It’s such a mood boost to be able to go for walks outside and feel the warm sun on your face, see the puddles as the snow melts, and feel the fresh cool (but not freezing!) air.

I also enjoyed watching Hank Green’s video on a similar topic about optimism, which I feel like encapsulates my feelings better than I can.

On a similar note–where is the time going??? In three short months I’ll be done my first year of medical school. That is… absolutely terrifying hahaha

3. Vaccination soon

This news isn’t too significant because I knew I’d get vaccinated one day, but that day seems to be sooner than I thought. I was optimistic about the idea that I’d get vaccinated before the end of the school year in May, but it seems like it’ll happen in the next month or so.

I went for a walk on the day our school contacted us asking for updated phone numbers so that they’re ready to contact us when a vaccine is available, and my relief was just palpable. It feels like it’s been a very long, very odd almost year of COVID. Things seem to be trending in the right direction, though, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

4. Working out

I resolved to work out this week after a pretty sedentary February. At the very least, I want to move my body a bit more, whether that looks like like a walk or a quick 10 minute workout. I’m not setting high expectations on myself in terms of a routine or anything, because that’s never worked out for me in the past, so why not go slow?

I’m happy to report that it’s been going well. It makes me feel good for a myriad of reasons: I’m making progress on a goal I set for myself, chemicals and endorphins and all that jazz, and I feel myself getting stronger. I know, I know, it’s only been a week, but it’s true.

5. The Year of Yes begins

I’m going to be making posts about this adventure called The Year of Yes once a month, but I thought I’d share a little bit about it this week since it started on Monday.

I planned out my challenges for each week of March, and I attempted to do one for this week but it didn’t go so well, so I’m adjusting it to something else instead. I’m not done my challenge, but that’s what the seventh day is for, right?

Early reports are in: each challenge pushes me out of my comfort zone at least a little, and I’ve found that I really love holding on tightly to said comfort zone. Even if it’s something small. Regardless of whether or not I enjoy said challenge, I do feel myself stretching into a more diverse and interesting person, which is what this whole thing was about.

How was your first week of March? Let me know down in the comments down below!

x B

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