it’s been a while, which always makes things seem scarier and larger than life. so i’m breaking the ice with a little mini post. and also writing without capital letters. it just seemed appropriate.

since i last wrote…

i turned 22. i ran a 5k. i finished my first year of medical school. i hung out with new people. i read some books–new and old. some of them cracked my heart open. i’ve worked out. i listened to olivia rodrigo’s sour. i got a part-time job. i started studying. i rescheduled my driving test. i bought makeup and shoes. i went on a lot of walks. i missed you.

i don’t know what the schedule will be like this for summer, or if there will be one at all. i’ll be honest and say i haven’t been loving writing lately. i just feel like the thoughts are better to stay in my head than be shared with the world. they don’t feel mature enough for that yet.

hope you have been well.

love, b ♡

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