I’ve dabbled in blogging since I was in fourth grade, so this—gestures vaguely at the website—is not unfamiliar to me.

What is unfamiliar to me, however, is doing it so spontaneously. I don’t often start blogs with a solid plan, or a ‘niche’ in blogging-speak. Instead I just have the overwhelming urge to get my thoughts out onto a fresh sheet of Internet paper and share them with anyone who will listen, which is often my friends.

Yet somehow, yesterday, I got this idea of starting this blog about my life in my 20s and instead of successfully swatting it away like a fly, as I have my other ridiculous ideas of content creation, it quickly took hold of my brain. I went to sleep last night knowing that I would take some time today to poke around the blogging sphere, read some pages of blogging books, and tentatively open up this space. Maybe it would be done tentatively, but this space would be opened. I knew that in my soul.

So hello. I am a 20-something year old medical student who is anxiously realising that growing up isn’t just coming at me fast, but is something that is happening. I’ve been learning how to do things this past year that have always felt solidly in a foreign territory, like driving. Cooking. Budgeting. And while my list of responsibilities have grown larger and my to do list now seems permanently endless, it’s been an adventure that I’ve enjoyed. I’m growing, and I’m learning.

I’d love to share with you the things I learn along the way as I navigate the ups and downs of what will truly be a life-changing decade. Will I ever start my YouTube channel? What medical specialty will I fall in love with? Where will I live after I graduate?

I have a lot of questions. Here’s to finding out the answers together.

x B

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